Restore techniques for

Fitness & Sports Performance

Athletes, from all sporting disciplines, will tell you that performance is more than just ability and training.  Winning at the highest levels demands physical resilience and mental resolution too.

Stay Fitter for Longer

Restore combines complementary techniques such as Reflexology and EFT to help reduce stress and empower the mind and body to perform at peak fitness levels.

Self-Help Techniques

Restore Reflexology and Emotional Freedom Techniques working on your whole body system and not one system in isolation, together with self-help techniques, may provide longer-term benefits.

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Restore techniques for

Health, Wealth & Success

Have you ever wondered why some people breeze through life taking everything in their stride while others feel (and often look) like they're losing ground each day? Listen to your body.

Energy & Vitality

Restore may help you handle the stresses of modern living, giving you the energy & sparkle to tackle each day & inspire those around you.  Try Reflexology, Reiki and EFT.  Feel alive again!

Fertility & Maternity

"Reflexolgy is a popular technique for couples trying to conceive, and so relaxing for you and your baby during pregnancy and after delivery."
Lesley Donaldson, ex nurse and health visitor.

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